This free guide breaks down the basics of a POS.

Figuring out which point of sale to choose for your restaurant can be daunting. Read this guide to make sure you understand your options.

Payment Types

You're going to want to take credit cards right? What about emerging tech like contactless payments?

Payment Security

Customers are trusting you to keep their information safe. And its also the law!

Software vs. Hardware

Which systems need the most hardware? Which ones get the most frequent software updates?

Understand Your POS Options Before You Buy

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Build a Restaurant Business Plan

Learn how to plan out your dreams of restaurant ownership.

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How to Create a Successful Restaurant Menu

Your menu plays a bigger role than you think. Give it some attention.

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What Lavu Customers Are Saying

"Lavu POS makes our servers more efficient...One of the most important things I see is an iPad in their hands taking the order, because they can take the order, repeat it back to the guest, and send it to the kitchen and there are far fewer mistakes between the table and the kitchen."

Richard Solomon
General Manager, Growler USA