See how kiosks provide customer control, precision ordering, and speedy service.

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Reduce Lines

57% of customers say they would leave a restaurant with a line of 5 or more people.

Delight Customers

Customers like kiosk technology. It gives them control over the ordering process and reduces communication errors.

Be Transparent

You can easily provide nutritional and allergen information. Customers love it and some states require it.

Appeal to GenZ and Millenial Customers

Benefit from increased table turns, increased order accuracy, less food waste, and happier customers.

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Opening a 2nd Location

Make sure you're prepared for the unique challenges of opening another restaurant.

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Build a Better Menu

Successful menus have many components. Do you know them?

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What Lavu Customers Are Saying

"Lavu POS makes our servers more efficient...One of the most important things I see is an iPad in their hands taking the order, because they can take the order, repeat it back to the guest, and send it to the kitchen and there are far fewer mistakes between the table and the kitchen."

Richard Solomon
General Manager, Growler USA